Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Day 3 March 9th, 2016

California Institute of Technology  (Caltech)
Good afternoon! It was very sunny today unlike the heavy rain yesterday. Today, we went to see two universities; California Institute of Technology  (Caltech) and Occidental University. We visited Caltech at first where there were so many amazing lab and computer facilities. The tour guide took us to various campus places like the dorms and we saw the school canon. He also told us about the pranks the students do using their tech-skills, like hacking into the scoreboard of a sports game. Seeing Caltech was an amazing experience, and we all had another great day here in California.

S.M (Girl. Middle School)   

Occidental college
After we went to Caltech, we ate lunch at Occidental college, where Barak Obama stayed. After we ate, we went to the admissions office where we met up with our tour guide, Sarah. Sarah was a sophomore and showed us around the vast campus where many films and TV shows were filmed. At the library, we also found the school newspaper in the rack for free and took some copies back for the improvement of our own school paper, Scribbled. We asked many questions about the newspaper club, the financial aid, the admissions, and so much more. I was surprised that a twelve paged newspaper was published with only 20 members! Also student run radios, buses and many other facilities were at Oxy, and to me, it felt like it was a school that valued student independence.

N.N (Girl. Middle School)  

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